About Hiber Radio

Hiber Radio of Las Vegas is a non- profit, non- political ,and non- religious  community  radio mainly  targets of Ethiopians from  all walks of life  such as Taxi drivers , Businesses , and different  activities .

Hiber Radio  broadcast  a weekly program , on every  Sunday that would be  informational ,educational,and  cultural programming  for  world wide audience.  

Hiber Radio  can be traced as Abenezer Communication  and has been operated  from Las Vegas , Nevada, sinc 13 Sep. 2009.Hiber Radio is  established  to enable Ethiopian National and Ethiopia origin  to come together  to promote  vital National Interest  of the Nation regardless  of their  political affiliation.

Our radio aims of providing listeners a variety and   timely news, Social  and Cultural information, in the form of features ,interview, and  opinions to  the Ethiopian Community  at a local and nationwide .

Our  mission is to enrich  people’s lives  with regular  and special   programming   that  educate, inform, and entertain.

Hiber radio foster  dialogue, collaboration and knowledge   sharing  among Ethiopians(both inside and outside  the country ).

We offer advertisement  Services for business  on our program with a reasonable  price.Our radio  also focuses  on promotion of   Unity ,Peace , and Democracy in Ethiopia.

Hiber Radio  engages  to serve as  a bridge  between  the Ethiopian  Diaspora  Community and  people of their  country of  origin

contact us 7025896347 or hiberradio@gmail.com